9 Days of Indulgence - Shop into the Auspicious Festivity

by sandeep chauhan on Mar 28, 2017

9 Days of Indulgence - Shop into the Auspicious Festivity

What is India if not defined by it’s cultural diversity and the myriad of festivals? The land of numerous religions, cultures and tradition, it’s richness lies in the celebration of each and every festival of various cultures. Observed differently in different parts of India, the festivals of Navratri honours various Gods and Goddesses. Also called Navratras , they occur four times a year, the two major ones being Vasanta Navratri and the Shradha Navratri.  Lasting over a span of nine days, owing to it’s name – Navratri (meaning nine in hindi), each of them is celebrated and commemorated with it’s own significance. While one of the best parts of the country is it’s festivity, it is as important as keeping it alive in all times and all parts of the world. No matter where we are and how modernized a society we live in, the reverence for customs and festivals always lays in our hearts. With the religions customs and traditions, there’s always that excitement of novelty during the festivals.  Going to fares, eating out and of course, shopping covers the fundamentals of festivity throughout the Indian subcontinent. With the growing worth culture and the hectic schedules we lead these days, it’s quite difficult to balance out everything. Now it’s obviously a tough pick, when it comes to choosing between food and shopping, with food being priority right? Shalinindia spares the dilemma of choice between the two loves, saving you the trouble of going hunting through streets and shopping. It brings every Navratri essential to your doorstep, just a click away.


  1. Sculptures/ Idols


An essential indeed, marking the grandeur of the revered Gods and Goddesses. Keeping you at peace with the presence in your homes along with adding beauty to the décor. The brass sculptures are definitely going to be my first purchase this Navratri, from Shalinindia.


  1. Fragrances


Nothing marks the advent of puja, more than the fragrance of lit agarbatti around the house. And what better to have different fragrances from all over the world to choose from? Available in an Indian wooden box, with a variety of incenses accompanied with a ceramic holder. This box is the perfect purchase not only for during the festive season, but to entrench the purity and tranquility all year long!


  1. Copperware


Kalash and diyas to do puja in? Or maybe just add some more tradition to the Vrat ka khana?  We have a wide range of variety of exquisite copperware thalis, diyas, glasses, utensils! Rich in it’s vitamins, the use of copper kitchenware has numerous benefits! Boosting digestion, regulating body fat and stimulating the brain to merely(and heavily) name a few! Not too bad for such artistry, isn’t it?


  1. Table Mats


Feel like your cart is a little incomplete at checkout? With all the pretty new copperware, I’m sure you don’t have the heart to place it on old mats that probably don’t match the kitchenware? Couple up your kitchenware and table mat sets, with the all shapes, colours and designs of place mats available in the website.


  1. Salwar Kameez


Dress to impress or well, dress for the occasion. Fulfill your hearts wishes by delving into the ethnic wear. Ranging from ethnic styles to contemporary designs of salwar kameez, Shalinindia has it all.


  1. Earrings & Necklaces


How is any attire complete without some accessories? Jhumkas, studs, florals beads, silver and much more. Skim through the beautiful variety of earrings and necklaces to pair up with your salwar kameez, and complete your festive look!

  1. Kurta Pyajama


Dressing up for the occasion isn’t simply meant for girls now, is it? Feel the fervor of the occasion best dressed in comfortable kurta pyjama sets from Shalinindia. Match with your better half or stand alone in the crowd in subtle soft pastels.


  1. Long Kurtas


Too traditional isn’t your style? Go for a fusion look, by pairing the long kurtas with jeans or trousers! Faux silk, cotton, soft pastels, bright hues, stripes or ethnic designs, there’s a vast variety to choose from.

Stop counting, start shopping! Navratas are right around the corner.