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Making Easter hunt (shop) ing easy!

Did someone say Easter? Yes! It’s time to eat some yummy chocolate, go hunting and celebrate rejuvenation. Primarily celebrated to rejoice the rejuvenation of Jesus Christ, Easter is one of the most popular Christian festivals. The centuries old tradition of going Easter egg hunting, drinking wine and indulging into delicacies pretty much sums up the festivities of Easter across the world.

Just like any other festival, Easter requires it’s own preparations. Of course, there are things apart from Easter eggs that define Easter. Give your fingers a little exercise and get preparing now!

  • Paper Mache Easter Eggs!

Because, as clichéd as it gets. There is simply no Easter without Easter eggs. Why go in for the regular ones that are available all over the market? Give your Easter Eggs a little twist, with the paper mache set available for gifting or the egg basket for decoration. Take your pick and stand apart this Easter!

 easter eggs

  • Candle Holder

    Because there can never be enough candles! Whether it’s a warm dinner at home, a big proposal planned or a large celebration. Candles are always a part of the celebration. Get Shalinindia’s gorgeous candle or tea light holders in various materials like brass, stone and marble. Each with it’s own design specialty!

    • Coasters

    We all love our carefully selected furniture, don’t we? And we simply hate it when someone tries to dirty it with his or her glasses. That’s precisely why we love our coasters. There’s nothing better than having pretty coasters, serving the purpose of saving our furniture during guest visits, parties and having it bring out the décor of the room. Pamper your eyes with all the shapes, materials and delicate designs available on our platform.

    • Napkin Rings

    Dinner for 2? Or a sit down dinner of 20 people at your house for Easter celebrations? Spruce up your table setting by displaying the napkins in napkin rings. Whether you go for stark colours or subtle wooden ones, Napkin rings are always a go to.

    • Table Runner

    This one is definitely self-explanatory, since table runners are always needed. Simple block colours or exquisite tanchoi zari borders, we have it all.

    • Napkins

    Just what you need to complete the set and compliment the new table accessories, isn’t it? Bringing you cotton napkins in a range of alluring colours, that can be paired with anything. From designs to solid colours, these napkins complement everything!

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