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Holy Quran Khana Kaba Replica Islamic Arts and Muslim EID Decoration Gifts

The Khana Kaba was the first ever mosque that was constructed in honor of Allah and to worship in his name and has since been recognized as one of the most, if not the most, holy Islamic sites ever. This beautifully designed mosque is located right in the center of the most iconic and sacred mosque in the world. This mosque, the Al-Masjid al-Haram, is located in Saudi Arabia in the heart of Mecca. Every year, thousands of people make their pilgrimage to this sacred site in order to be in its presence to pray before it. Muslims located all across the globe will kneel in its direction to perform their prayers as well, showing respect and reverence to the importance of this mosque.

Whether you want to incite memories of your trip to this sacred site or simply wish to have a visual representation of its importance, the Holy Quran Khana Kaba Replica Islamic Arts and Muslim EID Decoration Gifts is perfect for you. This absolute replica creates all of the beauty and sophistication of this beloved structure in a scaled down way. It is perfect for any room in your home and serves multiple purposes while reminding you daily, either throughout the day or during your prayers, of your devotion to Allah.

Khana Kabaa

The Holy Quran Khana Kaba Replica Islamic Arts and Muslim EID Decoration Gifts is the perfect piece to reflect upon as you kneel for your daily prayers. Whether you are reading the Quran or simply want to place the holy book upon a reading stand, you can do so with this Khana Kaba replica. It opens up to expose a book stand that displays the book in all of its glory. Furthering its beauty is the matching Holy Quran that this striking book stand comes with.

Made from the highest quality of wood, the Holy Quran Khana Kaba Replica Islamic Arts and Muslim EID Decoration Gifts has been carefully hand painted and given ornate metal decorations on its exterior. Inside, a soft, smooth velvet lining has been incorporated in order to protect your copy of the sacred Quran. It measures only 10.75 inches by 8.75 by inches 8.75 inches, making it the perfect size to display anywhere. Use it as a display of Islamic arts in your home by placing it on a bookshelf or mantel, or incorporate it into your prayers by placing it upon an altar.

The Holy Quran Khana Kaba Replica Islamic Arts and Muslim EID Decoration Gifts also makes an excellent gift to give to those of your shared Islamic faith. Heartfelt, handmade and full of love, those devoted to Allah will appreciate the useful and elegant gift. Give this as Muslim Eid decoration gifts or as a token for any other holiday.

No matter what you choose to do with the Holy Quran Khana Kaba Replica Islamic Arts and Muslim EID Decoration Gifts, you can take home a beautiful Khana Kaba replica that will serve as the perfect Islamic decor for many years to come.

Handicraft Islamic Religious Gifts Item - Holly Khanna Kaba with Quran

Giving gifts helps in building relationships, and giving a great gift to someone could include giving them something they need, something they want or something they would love. Muslim homes are generally decorated with religious handicrafts which could include paintings of mosques, crafts with Arabic calligraphy, Quranic verses, Holly Khana Kaba or Quran. The list might seem limited but when searching for an Islamic gift the choices are unlimited.  In order to help you choose handicrafts or Islamic religious gift items, we have created a list of some amazing Islamic gifts:

khana kabaa

Holly Khanna Kaba with Quran

If you are looking for an extremely valuable, decorative and religious gift for your friends and family then a replica art of holy Khana Kaba with Quran is your best option. Your loved ones can decorate their home with it and be in remembrance of Allah whenever they see it.

Holly Khanna Kaba/Quran Holder

If you don’t want to gift someone a replica of Holly Khanna Kaba you can also go for a Holly Khana Kaba Replica that can be used as a Quran holder as well. For example, if you want to see a perfect gift then visit Shalinindia using the link below and check the Holly Khanna Kaba with Quran.  When you open it, you will have converted it into a Quran with beautiful Quran holder.

Holly Masjid Nabvi

If you are looking for another Islamic gift apart and have already used your option of Holly Khana Kaba with Quran, then you can buy a replica of Holly Masjid Nabvi. Since, it’s every Muslim’s dream to visit Holly Khana Kaba and Holly Masjid Nabvi, gifting them a replica of Masjid Nabvi will make them extremely happy, and your gift will forever be cherished.

Paintings with Allah’s Names:

Allah has 99 names and majority of Muslim’s do want to remember it. If you are looking for a gift for someone who is religious and want to do the same then buying a painting or wall hanging with Allah’s names on it will be a perfect gift for them. They will remember you whenever they look at it, and you will also get ‘sawab’ (good deeds) whenever they recite the names.

An Aytal Kursi Pendant

We believe that aytal kursi has the power of protecting us. Which is why you might have seen different pendants with aytal kursi in the shops. If you visit an Islamic handicrafts shop you will find it their easily. So, why not protect your loved ones with an aytal kursi pendant that they can wear.

When you think of using handicrafts and Islamic religious gifts then you have unlimited options, ranging from replicas of beautiful mosques, calligraphy, wall hangings, Aytal Kursi pendants, Qul pendants and more. You will find Islamic writing’s engraved on plates that can be used as gifts, or you will see regular paint in calligraphy. The key point is just to look for something memorable and beautiful