Men's Neck Scarf Premium Quality Soft Light Thick Warm Lamb Wool, 30X180 CM, Slate

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PERFECT WINTER ACCESSORY Neck scarf is made out of Premium Quality Lamb wool, so it's warm and ultra luxurious
IDEALLY SIZED FOR GENTS Neck scarf is 30 CM by 180 CM in size
2 EYE-CATCHING Neck Scarf,Fringe at the bottom adds a stylish finishing touch
HAND WOVEN QUALITY These handsome scarves are of unbeatable quality, as they are woven by hand by skilled Punjabi weavers
DRY CLEAN ONLY When cared for properly, this beautiful scarf can last through years and years of wear
When the weather turns chilly, a scarf can help to keep body heat in, so that you can keep warm with ease. If the scarf that you choose to wrap around your neck is the ShalinIndia Men's Lamb Wool Neck Scarf, you'll also get the benefits of a handsome fashion accessory that will put a distinguished finishing touch on whatever you're wearing.

Perfect for pairing with suits, sport coats and casual attire, the ShalinIndia Men's Lamb Wool Neck Scarf is a truly luxurious winter scarf. Unlike the men's scarves sold in stores that are mass produced on assembly lines, this scarf is hand woven from start to finish by weavers in Punjab, India. The artisans who produce our scarves come from generations of weavers and use traditional techniques that produce scarves of incomparable quality.

At 30 cm in width by 180 cm in length, the scarf is perfectly sized for men. You can wrap the scarf around your neck just one time and tie or wrap it more than once for a thicker look. The ends of the scarf feature hand-tied fringe that enhances its look.

Due to the nature of the wool fabric used to produce the ShalinIndia Men's Lamb Wool Neck Scarf, this accessory should be dry cleaned only. If you do choose to hand wash, only use cold water and lay the scarf flat to dry.

Complete your winter ensembles with the beauty of a traditional Indian scarf or delight a special gent with a neck scarf he can wear for any occasion. Order the ShalinIndia Men's Lamb Wool Neck Scarf for yourself or for gift giving.

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