Handcrafted 28 Piece Wooden Domino Gifts Set - Fun Game for Kids and Adults

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Artisan fashioned game set produced by hand in North India
Set contains 28 traditional solid wood dominoes
Includes an 8-inch by 1.5-inch by 2.75-inch solid hardwood storage box
Black and white canvas strap attached to lid for securing the box for storage or traveling
Weighs a total of 12.9 ounces

The game of dominoes developed in 13th century China and was introduced to the western world during the 18th century. Quickly, the game became a popular past time with people purchasing artisan crafted domino sets to display and use in their homes. Our Handcrafted 28 Piece Wooden Domino Gifts Set is a return to those traditional designs and the perfect choice of gifts for young and old alike.

The Handcrafted 28 Piece Wooden Domino Gifts Set is hand fashioned by gifted woodworkers from Northern India. The set is produced from very high quality hardwoods, and each domino is hand-painted with the traditional Sino-European dot patterning. There is a total of 28 dominoes included in the gifts set, the ideal amount for blocking games, scoring games and draw games alike. Whether you have been playing dominoes for years or are purchasing your very first set, these premium handmade dominoes are sure to be perfect for your needs.

Along with the 28 dominoes found in the Handcrafted 28 Piece Wooden Domino Gifts Set, you'll receive a handcrafted storage box. Measuring 8 inches in length by 1.5 inches in height by 2.75 inches in width, the storage box makes it easy to keep the dominoes neatly organized, stored and free of dust between uses. The lid of the storage box is finished with a heavy-duty black canvas strap, which reads "DOMINO" in white lettering along the center. When the lid is placed on the box, you can wrap the strap around the bottom and fasten it on the opposite end, keeping the box securely closed. This makes it possible to take the Handcrafted 28 Piece Wooden Domino Gifts Set with you when you're traveling to enjoy family fun in the car, on a plane, at the beach or on rainy days indoors while you're on vacation. It's also plenty of fun to use at home.

Treat yourself to years of enjoyment with friends and family or give the gift of family fun to someone special in your life! Order our Handcrafted 28 Piece Wooden Domino Gifts Set for quick delivery today!

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