Handmade Indian Rectangular Tablecloth Beautiful Red, Cream And Black Floral Cotton

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  • Fully handmade table linen crafted out of 100% cotton, 200 thread count fabric
  • Produced in Jaipur, India, using traditional techniques
  • Rectangular tablecloth measures 90 inches in width by 108 inches in length
  • Colorfast spring garden pattern in red, cream and black
  • Fully machine washable for simple care
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When the dinner table is beautifully dressed up with fine linens and dinnerware, the mood at a party is extra festive. The tablecloth that you choose to serve as the start of your tablescape sets the theme for the meal, and when you drape the Handmade Indian Tablecloth over your table, you'll bring the colors of spring to your meal, setting the tone for a joyous occasion. Produced by hand in Jaipur, India, the Handmade Indian Tablecloth shows off the traditional hand weaving technique that has been used in this region of India for centuries. The tablecloth is 100 percent cotton and is of luxury quality with its 200 thread count. The cotton material is machine washable, and the patterning featured on the cloth is colorfast, so there is no risk of bleeding in the washing machine. The Handmade Indian Tablecloth will fit varied dinner tables. You can use it on the table where you're gathering for a meal or on a buffet table where you have foods set up for a get-together The Handmade Indian Tablecloth is an excellent choice of gifts for any occasion because it is something not found in stores and truly of exceptional quality. You can present the tablecloth for a bridal shower or wedding gift, a birthday gift, a housewarming gift, a hostess gift or a Christmas gift. You can even use it to wrap up dinnerware as an eco-friendly gift wrapping that can be enjoyed for years to come. Order the Handmade Indian Tablecloth now, and we'll send one on its way from India to your home. Our quick shipping means your new tablecloth will arrive in no time for you or the recipient of your gift to enjoy. [[end tab]]
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