Handmade Wooden Magnetic Chess Set - Wood Travel Games - 7" x 7" - Great Gifts for Kids and Adults chess011

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  • PIECES THAT STAY PUT Powerful magnets hold each piece in place until you make a move
  • SO EASY TO CARRY & STORE Measures 7" x 7" in size & is lightweight for easy carrying. Pieces are stored in a drawer under the board
  • HANDSOME WOOD CONSTRUCTION Crafted out of the finest quality light and dark hardwoods
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY Handmade by skilled woodworkers in North India
  • PERFECT GIFT Great for the beginning chess player or the pro; Also perfect for teaching kids to play chess
Chess is one of the most beloved games in the world. It's fun because it's always challenging, but actually setting up, storing and carrying the game shouldn't be part of the challenge. The Handcrafted Wooden Magnetic Chess Set takes the hassles and frustrations out of playing chess at home or on the go and is the perfect gift for chess lovers young and old.

One of the biggest problems that can come when you're in the midst of a game of chess is pieces moving and slipping out of place. All it takes is a sudden move to ruin the game, but if you're playing with the Handcrafted Wooden Magnetic Chess Set, you'll never have that worry. The pieces and the board are both magnetized, so they stay in place without sliding or shifting!

Another problem that can come with a chess set is storage. You can't play the game without all of the pieces, but all too often, one or two become lost in the shuffle when you're cleaning up or traveling. That's why the Handcrafted Wooden Magnetic Chess Set has a hidden storage compartment for all of the pieces. Lined with a green velveteen material, the compartment has plenty of room for each piece and protects them from becoming scratched.

Handmade by skilled woodworkers from north India, the Handcrafted Wooden Magnetic Chess Set is a chess set of true heirloom quality. The hardwoods used to produce the pieces are carefully selected to ensure that the set is as durable and as attractive as possible. The set measures 7 inches by 7 inches in size, and it weighs just 670 grams, making it the perfect solution for taking with you when you're traveling. The durability of the set ensures you'll be able to enjoy playing chess with it over and over again for many, many years.

Experience the better way to play chess or treat someone special to a chess set that can truly stand the test of time. Order the Handcrafted Wooden Magnetic Chess Set today!

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