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  • STUNNING REPLICA OF THE KHANA KABA This unique quaran holder captures every detail of the building at the Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and is a stunning way to store the holy Quran between readings; This holy quran stand is worthy of a place of honor in any home
  • IDEAL SIZE This large quaran stand measures 10.75 x 8.75 x 8.75 Inches and the islam quaran book holder weighs 2.45 kilograms. Khana Kaba Includes Holy Quran (size:7 x 5 x1inches) with reading tray
  • PERFECT FOR DAILY PRAYERS When you're reading quran, place the quran on the reading stand to keep it open and in plain view! You even get a free quran with a matching cover with your purchase
  • THE FINEST MATERIALS Our quaran stand is fashioned out of wood that is carefully painted and adorned with precious metal, making it a true piece of quran art; Velvet lining protects a holy quaran
  • ARTISAN CRAFTED QURAN HOLDER Our skilled artisans located in India carefully construct the quran reading stand by hand, so it rivals the quality of an antique quran holder

At the center of the most sacred mosque in the world, the Al-Masjid al-Haram located in Mecca in Saudi Arabia stands the Khana Kaba. Thousands of people flock to this site every year to stand before it for prayers, and Muslims all over the world kneel facing its direction during daily prayers as a sign of reverence. Now, this sacred building has been brought to life in the design of the Handmade Holy Quran Stand & Book Holder, a beautiful quran book holder that is ideal for your own home or for giving as an Islam quran gift for any occasion.

Made by skilled artisans in India, the Handmade Holy Quran Stand & Book Holder is truly a masterpiece of quran art. Every detail of the Khana kaba is captured in the design of the quran stand, and because it is fashioned by hand, the wooden quaran book holder rivals the quality of antique quran holders that have survived through generations of use.

At the top of the Handmade Holy Quran Stand & Book Holder is a quran book holder that is ideally suited for holding a holy quran during prayers. Velvet lining protects the cover of the quran, and a quran with a design that matches the quran holder is even included with your purchase. Measuring 10.75 inches in height by 8.75 inches in length by 8.75 inches in width, this design is a large quran stand that will still fit easily into any space.

Display the holy Quran in a reverent way and make reading quran easier with a truly luxurious quran reading stand! Order the Handmade Holy Quran Stand & Book Holder for yourself or to give as a gift for any occasion.

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