Shalinindia Tibetan Buddhist Thangka - Hanging Silk Canvas Scroll Art - Inspired by ancient Mandalas, 30x23 Inches

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AUTHENTIC DESIGN Depicts the Wheel of Life in the style of a traditional Tibetan mandala
TRADITIONAL THANKGA Indian mandala consists of cotton canvas over exquisite faux silk
LOVELY ADDITION TO YOUR DECOR Mandala tapestry measures 30 inches by 23 inches in size
READY TO HANG Mandala art has a cloth hanger at the top for hanging from any hook
ARTISAN CRAFTED TO LAST A LIFETIME Our mandalas will stand the test of time when they are displayed in dry places within the home
For centuries, mandalas have been used for quiet contemplation as aids during meditation and worship in the Buddhist faith. The idea of mandala art is to provide a focal point that quiets the mind and stills the body while illustrating a key teaching from the faith. Our Indian Mandala Tapestry brings to life a traditional Tibetan mandala in the form of a mandala tapestry that can be used for spiritual purposes or simply to bring a touch of Asian flair to the decor of a room. The subject depicted on our Indian Mandala Tapestry is that of the Wheel of Life; the scene brings to life details from the Abhidharma teachings on the Art of Enlightenment and shows the journey one must take to achieve nirvana or a state of everlasting enlightenment and bliss. This highly detailed mandala art is meticulously handpainted onto the mandala tapestry, which is fashioned out of faux silk canvas made out of premium cotton cloth. Then, the mandala tapestry is hung over top of a scroll and finished with a hanger. The design of the Indian Mandala Tapestry allows the mandala tapestry to be rolled up for convenient storage and then hung anywhere in your home. Whether you use it in a meditation room, a bedroom or even a living room or hallway, its beautiful colors and gorgeous faux silk fabrics will bring something distinctive to your decor. This type of mandala tapestry is also known as a thangka and is a very popular option for displaying Tibetan mandala artwork. Its ancient origins make the mandala art something truly special that you can treasure for years to come due to its quality. For best results, keep the Indian mandala in a dry place. This will help to preserve the fabric. Deepen your meditative practices, enhance your worship at home or add color to your decor with a genuine mandala tapestry, or give one of our mandalas as a gift to someone special. Order the Indian Mandala Tapestry today.
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