Twin Size Lightweight Soft Cotton Dohar Blanket Handmade Indian Floral Print Voiles 60 x 90 Inch,VOF02-2711

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100% cotton voile fabric,lightweight and soft
Dohar size- 60 inches x 90 inches
No worries about dry cleaning
Machine washable on a daily basis
Handmade in India
The soft and surreal feel of floral printed voiles, creates a peaceful aura to permeate calm and soothing environment of your restful abode..... The three layers of pure cotton fabrics, generates the warmth needed to get the cozy feeling of soft and fluffy comfort for a restful sleep. Reversible to use, printed voile fabrics on both sides of the top sheet create the design element that appeals to most connoisseurs of fine cotton. The layer of brushed cotton sandwiched between these voiles makes the top sheet softer and adds to it's warmth. This filling or layering of brushed cotton is a loosely woven fabric using low twist cotton yarns that make it fluffy and lightweight and soft,therebyentrapping air to make it warmer to cover while sleeping.
Also, because the filling is fabric and it is not cotton wadding or loose cotton fibre, this top sheet is washable in machine on a daily basis! No worries about dry cleaning as would be in case of blankets or comforters. And easy care wash procedures make it a very easy use product.
The co ordinated contrast edging of solid cotton fabric makes it an interesting design and neatly finished edges are a delight for the user of these beautiful soft top covering cotton blankets. Very lightweight and soft, this top sheet can be compactly folded and squeezed into a small handbag for travel purposes. Can be used as a bed spread all day and as a top sheet at night for sleeping. It can also be draped around like a blanket or shawl when sitting outside on a chilled evening when out camping in the woods!!
So, truly an all purpose covering...... This carefully crafted top sheet is anyone's very personal possession they tend to grow in love with!!!
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