Silver Necklace Chain Artisan Crafted Oriental Jewelry Indian

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  • Handmade silver necklace
  • Necklace Length - 18 inches
  • Weight: 9.5 Gram
  • Chain Necklace Lobster Claw Clasp
  • Made in India
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During the ancient times in India, the powerful Raja Maharajas instigated the trend of wearing gold and silver jewelry. The wearing of jewelry was not only a means to adorn oneself but also a way of flaunting power and wealth. Jewelry is a staple ornament to be worn on just about every body part.

Among all other pieces of Indian jewelry, a silver necklace has been particularly popular because it is worn near to the face and charmingly enhances the facial beauty of its wearer. Necklaces come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and forms, and are made out of an assortment of materials. In terms of style, necklaces can be classified under three main categories; namely, the stiff choker type, the flexible necklace type, or a combination of the two, meaning the necklace can have a partly stiff collar embellished with loose hanging pieces that sparkle under the light.

A flexible silver necklace or a beaded necklace is constructed from a series of intricate elements that are strung on a cord or chain, along with larger pendants or central ornaments. Most of these pieces of handcrafted jewelry employ traditional designs such as flowers and buds, as well as other natural inspirations which are considered to be sacred by the Hindus. In more modern times, trends have changed and Indian jewelry is more accessible than ever before. Aside from silver, Indian necklaces can be made with artificial stones and metals, which are preferred by women for everyday use.

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