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  • Complete chess set with pieces hand carved out of genuine stone
  • Handcrafted wooden storage box doubles as a game board with its breathtaking stone inlay
  • Velvet and satin lined interior with space for each piece
  • Measures 10 inches by 10 inches in size
  • Total weight of 2.9 pounds
The earliest form of chess was invented in what is now East India, during the 1st century and went on to become a worldwide sensation. Naturally, the first chessboards were made entirely by hand, but over the centuries, mass produced sets made from plastics and cardboard have become the norm. Our Indian Handmade Stone and Wood Chess Set is a true collector's chess set that marks a return to traditional artisanship and makes great gifts for chess pros, experienced players and novices alike.

The Indian Handmade Stone and Wood Chess Set is handcrafted in the Jaipur region of North India, using techniques that have survived since the advent of the game. The set includes all of the standard pieces with each one meticulously hand carved out of white and black natural stone. The pieces are perfectly sized, so that their exquisite details can be fully appreciated yet the set is still compact enough for easy storage. Along with the hand-carved chess pieces included in the Indian Handmade Stone and Wood Chess Set, you'll receive a storage and carrying box constructed out of premium richly grained hardwood. The top lid has been inlaid with white, black and red natural stone, allowing the storage box to double as a game board for your convenience. The design of the board and pieces is so handsome that you can easily leave the game set up on a table to double as a decoration between matches.

When you open the clasps on the hardwood storage box found in the Indian Handmade Stone and Wood Chess Set, you'll find a spacious interior made especially for storing the pieces. The bottom of the box is lined with deep purple velvet with notches perfectly sized for each piece in the set. The velvet lining and the satin in the lid protect the stone from dust and wear and tear.

Experience chess the way it was meant to be played--with handcrafted pieces on a stunning board! Order our Indian Handmade Stone and Wood Chess Set for your own game room or to give as a gift to someone special.

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