Set of 11 Gold Star Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments - Handmade Indian Gifts

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  • Handmade gifts produced in Kashmir, India
  • Includes a total of 11 Christmas ornaments with Eastern and Western designs
  • Luxe design in yellow gold with white star motif over top
  • Integrated loops make the ornaments simple to hang
  • Ornament size ranges from 2 to 8 inches
Gold is synonymous with luxury and wealth and is strongly associated with the holiday season due to its rich look. Our Set of 11 Gold Star Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments bring that beautiful gold color to life with a design that you won't find in mass produced ornaments sold in stores. Our Set of 11 Gold Star Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments was inspired by the Christian Christmas story, which tells of a heavenly star that guided the shepherds and three kings to the manger side to honor the infant Jesus. Each of the ornaments is painted gold like one of the gifts of the Magi. Each one is then covered with a star motif that includes one very large star to represent the Christmas star. Smaller stars surround the prominent main star to symbolize the other stars in the night sky. The combination of the metallic, glittery gold paint and the white star motif is truly breathtaking and makes this one of our most elegant and symbolic Christmas ornament sets. With the Set of 11 Gold Star Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments, you'll receive a mix of ornaments in various shapes and sizes to create a Christmas tree that will truly delight the eye. The set begins with a 3-inch elephant that was made to add a touch of traditional Indian design to this handmade paper mache ornament collection. Next, you'll find three Christmas tree ornaments, a small 3-inch fir tree, a large 4-inch fir tree and an extra tall 8-inch pine. For a touch of traditional Christmas cheer, we have added a 2-inch bell and ball and a 3-inch bell and ball, and there are 3-inch and 4-inch stars in the set. Finally, you'll discover a sweet Christmas bird that is roughly 4 inches long. Produced by hand using real paper mache, our Set of 11 Gold Star Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments is unlike any other ornament set, making it a unique decoration option or an extra special gift for the holidays. Order now and let us send you one of these sets of decorations lovingly made for you in Kashmir, India.
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