Set of 11 Silver Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments - Handmade Indian Gifts

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  • Produced by hand in Kashmir, India
  • Set of 11 decorations for the Christmas tree
  • Hand-painted silver with white vine detailing
  • Loops at the top are ready for your hanging hook
  • Each ornament is between 2 and 8 inches in size
When you think of the holiday season, silver bells and wrapping paper never fails to come to mind. With our Set of 11 Silver Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments, you can bring that traditional color to your Christmas tree while adding a touch of exotic Indian design to your decorations. The Set of 11 Silver Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments combines the western tradition of Christmas ornaments with the eastern art of producing decorations out of paper mache. Each ornament is handmade from a mold that is crafted to its exact size and shape. Strips of wet paper are then adhered to the mold, and once they dry, they form a durable, yet lightweight shell. Then, our artists apply a layer of metallic silver base to the design. Finally, the decorative patterning is placed on each ornament. The motif is a white vine pattern with tiny individual leaves that must be applied one by one to the swirling vines. The process is very time consuming, but the results are truly breathtaking. Our artists are based in Kashmir, India, and have spent years perfecting their craft, ensuring that you'll be completely satisfied with these gorgeous ornaments. Inside of the Set of 11 Silver Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments, you'll get an array of lovely decoration shapes that will bring both traditional and new touches to your tree or the tree of a friend or family member if you choose to give the set out as a holiday gift. There are two, 2-inch ornaments in the set: a small bauble ball and a small bell, and there are five 3-inch ornaments: a large ball, a large bell, a small star, a small fir tree and an element. You'll also find three, 4-inch ornaments: a large star, a large fir tree and a bird. Completing the set is a pine tree that is 8 inches tall. The top of each ornament has a hanging loop for your convenience. Whether you're searching for ornaments for your own tree or to give as a gift, you can't go wrong with our Set of 11 Silver Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments.
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