ShalinIndia Stainless Steel & Copper Dinnerware Set With Tawa, And Tureen Plus Spoon - Brass Handles - Handmade in India

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  • 3 ESSENTIAL PIECES Set includes a 8" tawa platter, a 6.69" donga tureen and a matching serving spoon
  • ELEGANT DESIGN The outside of each serving piece is fashioned out of copper that has been given a hammered finish to reflect the light
  • FOOD FRIENDLY The portions of the serving ware that come in contact with food are lined with stainless steel, which limits bacterial growth and won't affect the taste of food
  • BRASS ACCENTS Handles made out of etched or hammered brass add a stylish finishing touch
  • MADE THE TRADITIONAL WAY Each piece in this set is handcrafted by a skilled Indian metalworker in Muradabad, India

    For centuries, traditional Indian suppers have been served in beautiful handmade copper vessels. If you want to recreate that authentic dining experience at home when serving Indian fare, the ShalinIndia Stainless Steel & Copper Dinnerware Set is the perfect solution. This dinnerware set is made the traditional way but features copperware with an updated, food-friendly design that will stand the test of time. Each piece is made by hand and lined with non-reactive stainless steel.

    With the ShalinIndia Stainless Steel & Copper Dinnerware Set, you'll receive a total of three pieces:

    - 1 x Tawa Platter. This tawa is 8 inches in diameter and has plenty of room for plating food. Brass handles on either side let you easily carry the platter and simplify passing. The weight of the well crafted piece is 500 grams.

    - 1 x Donga Tureen. This two-piece serving bowl will keep biryani and curries warm until you're ready to enjoy them. Inside of the hammered copper tureen is a food-safe stainless steel lining, and the lid is topped with a decorative brass handle. Large enough to hold 700 milliliters of food, the tureen measures 6.69 inches in diameter and weighs 700 grams.

    - 1 x Spoon. For easily serving food from the tureen, you'll receive a matching serving spoon. The spoon is 8 inches long and features a stylish hammered brass handle. It weighs 375 grams.

    Set the table with traditional Indian flair and enjoy the experience of dining with finely crafted, food safe dinnerware. Order the ShalinIndia Stainless Steel & Copper Dinnerware Set now.

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