ShalinIndia Rajasthan Stone Art Unique Chess Sets and Board -Indian Handmade Unique Gifts -Size 8X8 Inches

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  • Stone Chess Set 8 X 8 inch
  • 0.75 inch pawn, 0.79 inch rook,1 inch knight, 1.2 inches bishop
  • 1.3 inches queen, 1.4 inches king
  • Weight- 811 grams
  • Made in India
A unique chess set, board and box, all in one, to make your favourite game even easier and faster to play. It is also a collectible piece from India, considering the tastes of millions of chess lovers in the world. Stone carving artisans of Rajasthan have intricately carved the stone pieces. The chess set and board come in a neat wooden box. The board is made with resin material, giving an illusion of wood. However, the chess pieces are made of finely carved black and blueberry wood for the two teams, respectively. The inside of the box is made in sponge and satin purple fabric where each piece can be kept in the groove matching its own size. The purple fabric gives it an even more royal look. This is a unique chess set and would be the best gift for a chess player or for anyone who wants to learn this strategic game.
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