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Set of 5 dice made from durable metal resin
Traditional 1-inch white die design with black dots
Includes 5-compartment storage tray made of black sheesham wood and brass
Tray measures 5 inches by 5 inches in size; Set weighs 216 grams total
Handmade by the skilled woodworkers of Uttar Pradesh, North India

There's nothing worse than losing dice in the middle of a game and having to look everywhere for them! With the Handmade Resin and Wood Dice Set with Storage Tray, you can keep your dice within easy reach throughout every hand or round. The dice included in this set are ideal for all types of games, as they have a traditional six-sided design. Use them to play poker, craps, bunco and other dice games; your favorite board games or tabletop role play games.

The Handmade Resin and Wood Dice Set with Storage Tray is a set of five handcrafted dice fashioned out of resin material. The dice are light in weight and have curved corners, so they roll very easily. Measuring 1 inch by 1 inch by 1 inch in size, the dice are white in color and feature black pips or dots. The dots are positioned in the traditional patterns, making it easy to know at a glance which side is up. This game set is produced in Uttar Pradesh by North Indian artisans who have been honing their skills for years and take pride in producing each piece in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Along with the five dice, the Handmade Resin and Wood Dice Set with Storage Tray includes a handmade storage tray. The tray features five compartments specially designed to hold the dice and keep them separated. The slightly curved shape of the tray makes it easy to grab the dice and lift them out of the compartments and to slip them back in after use. Measuring 5 inches by 5 inches in size, the tray is fabricated out of durable sheesham wood and is painted black to match the dice. The top of the tray is reinforced with genuine brass, adding strength while giving the tray a stylish finishing touch.

Make sure that you always have your dice right where you need them when it's time to play! Order the Handmade Resin and Wood Dice Set with Storage Tray and get five dice in a stylish storage tray for your own game room or to give as a gift. Add the set to your cart now.

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