Traditional Indian Copper Dinnerware Set for 1 - Includes 1 Platter, 4 Bowls, 2 Spoons, 1 Fork and 1 Tumbler - Beautiful Copper Gifts

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  • SERVE 1 IN TRADITIONAL INDIAN STYLE Includes thali platter, 4 katori bowls, 2 spoons, fork & tumbler
  • LUXURIOUS, DURABLE MATERIALS Mix of copper and stainless steel, a truly perfect combination
  • ARTISAN CRAFTSMANSHIP Each piece in this dinnerware set is fully handmade
  • A PERFECT ADDITION TO THE TABLE Round thali platter measures 12.7" and is 1.2" tall at the sides
  • PERFECT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS Brings elegance and something exotic to the dinner table
When you've slaved over a hot stove to make the perfect meal for a special occasion, the last thing you want to do is serve it an ordinary way. With the Traditional Indian Copper Dinnerware Set for 1, you can set the table in style whether you're serving a classic Indian dinner or a favorite dish from another type of cuisine. With its artisan craftsmanship that shows off traditional Indian metalworking techniques, this dinnerware set is truly one of a kind.

In India, meals are traditionally brought to the table on a large serving platter called a thali, and that essential piece of servingware is included in the Traditional Indian Copper Dinnerware Set for 1. The piece featured in the set measures 12.7 inches in diameter and has a raised edge that is 1.2 inches high. The edge helps to keep all of the items in place on the surface of the platter and allows for easy passing at the dinner table.

Along with the thali, the Traditional Indian Copper Dinnerware Set for 1 includes a total of four katori, small Indian serving bowls. These bowls are perfect for filling with dal, curries, raita, condiments, fresh fruit and desserts. The set includes two spoons and a fork for serving out of the bowls, and there is a tumbler that can hold sauces. The design of the thali leaves space for placing rice and roti on the platter for serving.

All of the pieces in the Traditional Indian Copper Dinnerware Set for 1 show off the beauty of hand hammered copper precious metal. The parts of the copper kitchen utensils and bowls that come in contact with food are made out of stainless steel. This helps to preserve the taste of your food and prevents any reactions that can turn the copper.

Set the table in an elegant way and make an Indian dinner more authentic for you and someone special, or order two and treat another couple to a delicious meal impeccably plated in an exotic way! Order the Traditional Indian Copper Dinnerware Set for 1 today!

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