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Unique shape resembles a human head with the labyrinth in the brain
Roll the three stainless steel balls to the center ring to win
Challenging puzzle game for kids painstakingly handcrafted in North India
Durable sheesham wood construction with smooth finish
Ideal gifts idea for kids aged 5 to 12

From the moment children see the Handmade Wooden Brain Maze Puzzle for Kids, they'll be intrigued by its design. As they move through the labyrinth located inside of this brain puzzle, they'll develop their own brains, building critical thinking and problem solving skills. The game also helps to build hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and manual dexterity, but kids won't realize it's educational! All they will focus on is the challenging fun.

The Handmade Wooden Brain Maze Puzzle for Kids is inspired by the maze puzzle games that first became popular during the 1880s. The idea of the game is to move and turn the wooden head, so that the stainless steel balls roll through the brain maze. Small openings are provided to move the balls from the outer rings to the inner rings, and it takes skill and practice to successfully fit the balls through the holes. To win the game, children must get all three balls into the innermost ring. Then, they can shake the board to roll the balls to the outside and start the fun again.

Measuring 5.5 inches in size, the Handmade Wooden Brain Maze Puzzle for Kids is perfectly proportioned for small hands to grip. The stainless steel balls are safely fitted inside of the puzzle and won't come loose. The labyrinth is constructed out of genuine sheesham wood, making it much more durable than the cheap plastic maze games you'll find in stores. The game is meticulously handcrafted in the North of India by artisans who use traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations of woodworkers.

The Handmade Wooden Brain Maze Puzzle for Kids is a great gift idea for children aged 5 to 12 and will also put adults to the test! Order this labyrinth game for a special child today and treat them to hours of fun while building skills that will assist them throughout life. Add the Handmade Wooden Brain Maze Puzzle for Kids to your cart now!

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