Handmade Black and White Wooden Beginners Chess Set - Combines Chess & Tic Tac Toe - Teaches Basic Chess Moves

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Teaches children the basic moves of four key chess pieces
Game board is 6.75 inches by 5 inches by .75 inches in size
Comes with 8 pieces packaged in a reusable mesh storage bag
Fashioned out of sheesham wood and hand painted traditional black and white
Perfect game for children aged 7 and up

From Uttar Pradesh in North India comes the Handmade Black and White Wooden Beginners Chess Set, an exquisite sheesham wood game set intended for kids aged 7 and up. Crafted entirely by hand, the set includes a 6.76-inch by 5-inch by .75-inch game board and a total of eight pieces. The board and the pieces are hand painted black and white to give the set the look of a traditional chess game. This gift set is designed to introduce key concepts of the game of chess to young children.

The object of the game played by the Handmade Black and White Wooden Beginners Chess Set is to line up all four of one's pieces in a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line similarly to tic tac toe; however, opponents can interfere with play by jumping or capturing one another's pieces. When a piece is taken, it is removed from the board and can be put back into play from its starting position during the next turn. While the game is challenging and great for building reasoning and critical thinking skills, it is much easier than a traditional game of chess.

With the Handmade Black and White Wooden Beginners Chess Set, children will learn how four of the most important pieces in a game of chess move on the board. The set includes a pawn, the small piece with the round top that moves forward one space at a time and captures players diagonally. Also included is a knight. Featuring a head shaped like a horse, the knight moves in an L shape by going one space forward or backward and then two spaces to the right or left. The game also introduces the castle-shaped rook, a piece that can move horizontally, and the bishop topped with a crown. The bishop moves like the rook, but can only go diagonally.

Help a special child develop the early skills and knowledge needed to become a formidable chess player. Order the Handmade Black and White Wooden Beginners Chess Set to give as a gift for any occasion.

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