Wooden Nautical Wheel Design Labyrinth Game Ball In Maze Puzzle Handcrafted in India

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  • Manipulate the game board to move the 3 steel balls to the center to win
  • Hand constructed out of sesum wood
  • Measures 10 inches in diameter and weighs 245 grams
  • The games make great gifts for kids aged 9 to 14
  • Genuine Indian wooden handicraft
"In 1889, Charles Martin Crandall unveiled a game that he called Pigs in Clover that went on to take the United States and then the rest of the world by storm. Our Handmade Wooden Nautical Wheel Design Labyrinth Maze Toy was inspired by Crandall's beautiful handcrafted toys for adults and children and is designed to make a handsome decoration for the home that is also an enjoyable activity for people of all ages.
Handmade in India, our Wooden Nautical Wheel Design Labyrinth Maze Toy features high quality natural wood construction. The center of the Nautical Wheel Design is carved to create a challenging labyrinth layout, and there are three silver balls included with the toy. To win this one-person game, the Nautical Wheel Design must be tilted, rocked and shifted to roll the balls through the maze. The game is challenging no matter how many times it is played, making it an activity that can be enjoyed again and again.With its unique shape and rich natural wood color, the Handmade Wooden Nautical Wheel Design Labyrinth Maze Toy makes a wonderful decoration for a game room or a den. You can keep it within easy reach on the coffee table or end table and invite guests to try their hand at winning the game. The Nautical Wheel Design maze measures 10 inches by 10 inches in size and weighs just 245 grams.Our Handmade Wooden Nautical Wheel Design Labyrinth Maze Toy is perfect for anyone looking for unique gifts for kids and teens. The small size of the maze toy makes it easy for little hands to grasp, and any child will love trying to win the game. Labyrinth games teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills and help to build fine motor strength and manual dexterity, making them as beneficial for children as they are fun. This maze toy is durably crafted and can stand up to frequent play. It's a great toy to have along on long car trips, on plane rides and when dining out in restaurants because it can keep little ones occupied for hours.
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